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About: Michael Bohn

The words: writer, food enthusiast, and promoter of healthy/sustainable living are a large part of what defines me. I grew up in the heart of farm country in a very small town, which has influenced my interests to a great extent. Some of my earliest memories are of watching the local farmers tend to their crops and picking sweet corn from the fields that surrounded my house. I was fortunate to grow up eating in the “farm to table” style of cooking that has become the new battle cry of the culinary world. After high school I moved to Milwaukee to attend college, and was thrown into a mix of different cultures and varying ways of life. This gave me the experience needed to adapt to new situations. Things in life keep on changing, more so the older you get it seems, so this skill was instrumental to my success through life’s dubious up’s-and-down’s. During college I attended local food group meetings held at the Urban Ecology Center where I did volunteer work. During these meetings I was introduced to organic foods/sustainable living. I learned that through my choices I could make a positive impact on my community. I found making an impact was easy as long as I was passionate about the cause. This blog is about providing guidance for others that want to live a healthier and more sustainable life and is my vehicle for creating positive cultural change.


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